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Company Services

Software Design And Development

Computation.com ® brand services provides full life-cycle software design and development expertise on a variety of platforms and languages including NeXTStep, OpenStep, Unix, Linux, Macintosh, Mac OS X, Windows, Visual C#, Objective-C, C, C++, Java, ASP.NET / C# and Visual Basic.

Enterprise Development

Computation.com ® brand services can help you build your enterprise infrastructure solutions or data-centric applications. Our staff has experience with a number of database platforms and languages including Cold Fusion, Java, Sybase, SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Web Design and Web Applications

Computation.com ® brand services can design and develop static and dynamic web pages for the Internet and your corporate intranet using such platforms as ASP.NET, Cold Fusion and Java.

Onsite Support

Computation.com ® brand services supports your contingency needs with onsite software migration, production support, enhancement, and overall technical consulting.

Basic and Applied Research

Computation.com ® brand services welcomes the opportunity to support and participate in research and scientific computing projects for its clients. We can also help you develop your scientific analysis, financial and reporting tools, and participate in your research projects.

Game and Media Design

Computation.com ® brand services rounds out its service offerings with texture design, modelling, level design and computer game software development skills.

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